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At Kitab, one of our aims is to instill in children the love of reading and introduce to them the plethora of characters in both contemporary and classical Asian literature. To this end, we visit schools and hold interactive storytelling events which engage the children and bring to life the characters in the English and Urdu books we have published. To date, we have conducted more than twenty storytelling sessions in schools in Karachi, Islamabad and Lahore.

Due to popular demand, we now hold storytelling workshops for adults across the country, most recently in Islamabad, Lahore and Karachi, at which those interested in this age-old tradition are taught the basics of storytelling for children.

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Kitab Storytelling Workshops
for Adults

Kitab Storytelling Workshop at Kuch Khaas, Islamabad

Kitab Storytelling Workshop, Lahore

Kitab Storytelling Workshop, Karachi



Kitab Storytelling Sessions at Schools

Storytelling sessions at LGS Girls Branch, Lahore

Storytelling sessions at the Karachi Grammar School

Storytelling at Bay View Academy Defence, Karachi

Storytelling at The Educators Jinnah Campus, Lahore

Reading Week at Beaconhouse AIT Campus, Lahore

Storytelling at The Educators, Lahore

Beijing Bookworm Literary Festival 2014


Teachers review our school storytelling sessions ...

  Thank you KITAB for the fabulous session conducted on storytelling in our school on 22 January, 2014. Your expertise in the art of storytelling, and the coordination and execution by your team were exemplary. The event was very well enjoyed by the students and much appreciated by faculty members. Having witnessed your contribution firsthand I am truly delighted by how successful our partnership has been…Thank you once again for your contribution to our children’s learning.
—Ambreen Shabana, Headmistress,
The City School,
Nursery Township Campus
  Musharraf Ali Farooqi organized an exciting workshop on storytelling for classes Playgroup to Junior III. The session was held on Thursday, 23 January 2014. It was a very interactive and amusing session for all ages. It revived storytelling as it is meant to be and was based on interesting stories written by him and other renowned authors. We appreciate his valuable service to our school and would like to have more such delightful sessions for our children.
—Afia Raheal, Headmistress,
The City School,
Muslim Town Pre Juniors Campus

It is my pleasure
to thank you for the fabulous session conducted on storytelling on our Open Day on Sunday 23 Feb, 2014. I hope it was as rewarding for you and your team as it was for us…Thank you once again for your contribution.
—Zenab Ali, Headmistress,
The City School,
Model Town Junior Campus

We at The City School, Shalimar Campus
really appreciate your kind gesture to preside over the storytelling session. It was a wonderful experience that involved the elements of interest, participation and enthusiasm among students coupled with an innovative mode of expression on your part. We have received very positive feedback from students and their parents for such innovative activities at the campus, for which we owe you immense gratitude, as you made it a success for all. We are obliged and look forward to your cooperation in our future projects.
—Shandana Aziz, Principal,
The City School, Shalimar Campus

KITAB organized an interactive storytelling session with our students from play group to Prep–I along with a book sale. Critically acclaimed author, Musharraf Ali Farooqi, narrated the stories in three consecutive sessions on 25 February, 2014. Students as well as teachers were left spellbound and mesmerized by the eloquent and expressive way in which the stories were narrated. Students laughed and enjoyed the interactive session thoroughly. We wish to thank you for providing an experience filled with learning, surprise and amusement for our students and hope that we will have many more such sessions to come.
—Naila Farrukh, Principal,
The City School DHA Campus

We have received very positive feedback from students and their parents for such innovative activities at the campus for which we owe you great immense gratitude as you made it a success for all. We are obliged and look forward to your cooperation in our future projects.
—Zoobia Khan, Principal,
The City School, Ravi Campus
  Musharraf Ali Farooqi's visit to the City School Gulberg Nursery Branch with KITAB publishers was fruitful and an excellent learning experience for the children. In his storytelling session for the playgroup he narrated the story The Cobbler’s Holiday or Why Ants Don’t Wear Shoes and involved the children who performed alongside, and danced as ants. Next, the nursery, kindergarten and Junior–I students had a storytelling session from the wonderful world of Moochhander the Iron Man. The children thoroughly enjoyed the session, laughing at Moochhander who could do just about anything. In Musharraf Ali Farooqi’s read-aloud sessions accompanied, by display the of the delightful and well-executed illustrations from the charming stories, the characters came alive. These stories were ideal for children, who thoroughly enjoyed the storytelling sessions.
—Benish Sarwar, Headmistress,
The City School,
Gulberg Nursery Branch
  It was a great pleasure to have you here at our school. Our children really enjoyed your storytelling session. We really appreciate your efforts and hope that you will grace us with your presence in future as well.
—Adeeba Sohaib, Headmistress, The City School, Allama Iqbal Town Campus
  On behalf of the international School of Choueifat–Lahore students and staff, we would like to sincerely thank you for your storytelling session on Tuesday January 7th, 2014. The event was thoroughly enjoyed by our Grade 1 – 6 students and we eagerly await your next visit.
—Margo Abdel Aziz, Director,
The International School of
  On behalf of the entire Children’s Literature Festival team we take the opportunity to thank you for your generous and outstanding participation at the biggest CLF to date, since its inception in November 2011 and particularly at Sanjan Nagar’s CLF. We are grateful to you for conducting storytelling sessions for teachers and students. We look forward to the same enthusiasm from you in the future as well.
—Raheela Akram, Principal, Sanjan Nagar School, Hima Campus