Tik-Tik, The Master of Time

Tik-Tik, The Master of Time

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About: Tik-Tik lives on the planet Nopter, where the slowness of growing up troubles him, so he embarks on a cosmic journey of discovery with his best friend, Nib-Nib; his grandpa Kip-Kip; and the inter-galactic traveling cat, Dum-Dum. The Growing-Up-Project takes the four of them to the small blue planet, Earth, where amazing, and sometimes hilarious adventures await them. But will Tik-Tik find there the solution to his problem?

Title: Tik-Tik, The Master of Time
Author: Musharraf Ali Farooqi
Illustrator: Michelle Farooqi
Publisher: KITAB (Private) Limited
Pages: 152
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 978-969-616-015-1